Privacy Policy

This policy explains how Freyenhagen Construction INC collects, uses, discloses and protects your information. California consumers should review the Information for California Residents section for information and rights specific to you.


This Privacy Policy is being provided by Freyenhagen Construction INC of Billings, Montana.

This Policy applies to individuals who provide information to Freyenhagen Construction or about whom Freyenhagen Construction collects information. If you are a prospective, existing or past Freyenhagen Construction customer and have been provided with a copy of our Privacy Notice(s) at any time, any personal information collected as part of that customer relationship will be used in accordance with our Privacy Notice.

Information we collect, use and disclose

We collect two basic types of information:

  • Personal Information (information that can be used to identify you as an individual), as described in more detail below.
  • Anonymous Information (information collected about your behaviors on our website, but that doesn’t identify you).

In each of the categories below, you can gain insight into the types of information we collect in addition to collection sources, the business purpose for collection, and when it is disclosed.

In addition to the detail provided below, Freyenhagen Construction may collect and use any and/or all of the information in the referenced categories for specific purposes or processes, such as:

  • Collection and retention of written correspondence, such as freeform text fields on our website or any email sent to Freyenhagen Construction or a Freyenhagen Construction financial advisor. This is to comply with legal obligations. Additional uses of the content of any written correspondence are discussed below.
  • Collection and processing of information using artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms, including machine learning or robotic process automation (RPA), to streamline internal business processes and for marketing activities.

Within the scope of this Privacy Policy, any information collected is retained according to Freyenhagen Construction’s record retention policy and applicable laws and regulations.


Description of information collected

This includes real name, postal address, IP address, email address, phone number, unique visitor ID or other similar identifiers.

Source of information

Most identifiers are collected directly from you. Identifiers may also be provided by data brokers. An IP address is obtained from your device as you interact with Freyenhagen Construction online through our website.

Purpose of collection

Identifiers are collected so that we can improve our website and services along with confirming your identity and location after you have requested information. Identifiers may also be collected to provide you with relevant advertising.

Online identifiers, such as IP address and other analytics data, are collected so that Freyenhagen Construction can gain insights to improve our business, as well as learn about opportunities to market other products and services that may be of interest to you. This information may also be collected and used for information security and privacy compliance purposes.

Disclosure of information

This information may be disclosed to service providers and contractors who perform services on behalf of Freyenhagen Construction, including marketing. It may also be provided to government agencies and regulators as required by applicable laws and regulations.

For our website, your device’s IP address may be collected and used by certain third parties who, through the use of cookies and pixels, perform behavioral tracking and advertising across multiple web pages and/or social media platforms. This information may also be disseminated within Freyenhagen Construction’s affiliates.

Protected classifications

Description of information collected

This includes data elements that provide insights into any one of many classes that are afforded special protections under the law. Freyenhagen Construction may collect age, gender, race, religious affiliation or other classification data.

Source of information

This information is collected from you directly, based upon your decision to engage with Freyenhagen Construction through the use of our website and online forms. Certain classification data elements may also be provided to Freyenhagen Construction by data brokers.

Purpose of collection

This information is collected so we can perform services for you.

Information provided by data brokers is used to segment marketing offers to applicable audiences, as is allowed by law.

Disclosure of information

This information may be disclosed to service providers and contractors who perform services on behalf of Freyenhagen Construction, including marketing. It may also be provided to government agencies and regulators as required by applicable laws and regulations. This information may also be disseminated within Freyenhagen Construction’s affiliates.

Consumer profile

Description of information collected

We may collect any or all the information in the above-referenced categories to create a consumer profile for you. This may include your preferences, trends or behaviors.

Information collected may be processed using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning or algorithms, including for advertising and marketing purposes.

Source of information

Information used to create a profile may include information collected from you directly, from data brokers, and the information that is obtained from your device, as you interact with Freyenhagen Construction online.

Purpose of collection

We collect this information for research and analytics purposes and so we can provide you with products and services we believe would be of interest to you. Also, when your consumer profile information is combined with others like you, we can understand similar behaviors and trends, which helps propel our business strategy to assist you in the future.

Disclosure of information

This information may be disclosed to service providers and contractors who perform services on behalf of Freyenhagen Construction, including marketing. It may also be provided to government agencies as required by applicable laws and regulations. This information may also be disseminated within Freyenhagen Construction’s affiliates.


Description of information collected

When you visit our website, we collect data about your activities that does not personally or directly identify you. We may use a variety of technologies that automatically or passively collect aggregate information about how our website is accessed and used (“Usage Information”). Usage Information may include browser type, device type, operating system, application version,
the page served, the time, the preceding page views and your use of features or applications on the website.

Similar Usage Information is collected when you use a web or mobile browser to click on a Freyenhagen Construction advertisement provided by a third-party search engine.

When you email Freyenhagen Construction the content of your email may be analyzed for aggregate statistical purposes.

Source of information

This information is obtained from you or your device, as you interact with Freyenhagen Construction electronically.

Purpose of collection

Freyenhagen Construction uses this Usage Information to help ensure a safer online environment for all visitors, for general
aggregate visitor analysis and statistical research, to increase visitor satisfaction in their online or mobile application experience with Freyenhagen Construction and to aid in problem resolution if technical difficulties occur using our website. This information may also be used to gather marketing insights; visitor engagement with certain functionality allows Freyenhagen Construction to understand whether our marketing initiatives are reaching the desired audiences.

Email content may be analyzed to determine what is important to you and how you feel about Freyenhagen Construction generally. This is often referred to as “Sentiment Analysis.”

Disclosure of information

Freyenhagen Construction may disclose this information to service providers and contractors to
provide hardware, software, networking, storage, support or related technology required to run our website. In addition, we use service providers and contractors to act as a data processor of any collected data. The service providers and contractors will aggregate anonymously collected data to improve the usability of the website. The service providers and contractors will also store any collected data for later retrieval by Freyenhagen Construction to review aggregate analytics.

This information may also be disseminated within Freyenhagen Construction’s affiliates.

How can you update or correct your personal information?

If you have contacted Freyenhagen Construction through our website or in reply to a marketing email, you can update or correct some of your personal information, including your email address and phone number by writing to us at

If you are a California resident, you may also update or correct your personal information by submitting a request to

How to opt out of data disclosures and marketing?

Freyenhagen Construction consumers may opt out of data disclosures and marketing by writing to:

Freyenhagen Construction INC
PO Box 20620
Billings, MT 59104
or by calling us at 406 652 6170.

Opt-out options

If you wish to opt out of data disclosures or marketing, you may select one or more of the following options:

  • Tell us not to share data about you with our affiliates. However, we may still share transactional and experiential data.
  • Direct us not to share data about you with nonaffiliates so they can market to you. For known residents of California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Mexico and Vermont: we do not share data about you with nonprofit organizations unless you specifically provide us consent to do so.
  • Request we remove your name from some or all of our internal marketing lists. You should know that our regular service mailings may still contain marketing materials. For email marketing that you are already receiving, please choose “unsubscribe” within the email itself to opt-out of future email marketing.

What is our policy for children?

Your children’s safety is important to us. We have developed our privacy guidelines in compliance with the requirements outlined by the Federal Trade Commission Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). See the FTC site for additional information on COPPA. Online forms will not be accepted if we are able to determine that an individual is under the age of 16. Those under 16 should not fill out our contact form.

Information for persons located in the European Economic Area (EEA) is not intended for use by persons located within the European Economic Area (EEA). We do not request or accept personal information concerning or supplied by persons who are located within the EEA at the time they access this Site. If you have accessed this Site from within the EEA, you should immediately discontinue your use. If you have supplied personal information to us in violation of this provision, please contact us at

Information for California residents

This section applies to California residents who are considered consumers under the California Consumer Privacy Act as modified by the California Privacy Rights Act (collectively, the “CCPA”)—you have the right to know about the personal information we collect, use and disclose, the right to correct any inaccurate personal information we have about you and the right to request we delete your personal information. This section does not apply to California consumers who are Freyenhagen Construction customers, where the information we collect, use and disclose is addressed by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the California Financial Information Privacy Act. If you are a Freyenhagen Construction customer, please refer to this policy notice for a description of your rights.
Sale and sharing of personal information
Freyenhagen Construction does not sell or share, under definitions provided in the CCPA, the personal information of any
California consumers without your consent. You can opt-in to our sharing or selling your personal information by accepting Targeting Cookies on our websites.

Disclosure of personal information

As provided throughout this Privacy Policy, all categories of personal information may be disclosed for a business purpose.

Generally, this involves disclosure under the following circumstances: auditing, compliance with a regulatory inquiry, detecting and preventing security incidents, technical functionality improvements, and service providers and contractors who perform services on Freyenhagen Construction’s behalf, such as processing payments, verifying customer information and marketing and analytical services.

Minors under 16

We do not knowingly sell or share the personal information of minors under the age of 16.
Rights granted Under the CCPA, California consumers or their authorized agents, may exercise the following rights:

• Right to know. You may request that we disclose to you:
– the categories of personal information we collected about you.
– the categories of sources from which your personal information is collected.
– the business or commercial purpose for collecting your personal information.
– the categories of third parties to whom we disclose your personal information.
– the specific pieces of personal information we have collected about you.

• Right to opt out of sale or sharing. We do not sell or share your personal information with third parties, as defined in the CCPA, without your consent. If you consent to our selling or sharing your personal information by accepting Targeting Cookies on our website. You can opt-out by either, 1) contacting us at or 2) clearing the cookies in the browser(s) used on the device(s) you use to access our website.

• Right to correct. You may request correction of inaccurate personal information.

• Right to delete. You may request the deletion of personal information we collected about you, which we will comply with unless it is necessary for us to retain the information, in accordance with exceptions provided by law or regulations.
To make any of the above requests, please email or call us at 406-652-6170.


We will not discriminate against you if you choose to exercise any rights prescribed to you by law or regulations.

Authorized agents

While an authorized agent may act on behalf of a California consumer, we may request written permission from the consumer before honoring any requests made by an authorized agent. Identity
verification, noted below, will need to be completed by the consumer directly.


If there is a need to verify your identity prior to releasing information pursuant to your request, we will contact you at the phone number you provided in your request submission. At that time, we will conduct additional authentication to ensure that only those people who have a legal right to obtain information can do so.

Online technology

How do we use cookie technology?

Cookies are a technology storage mechanism. Specific pieces of information, some of which may be personal, such as IP address, are contained within a cookie. Most often though, the cookie will contain anonymous unique identifiers given to your web browser by a web server. The browser stores the cookie on your device. The cookie, and any information contained within it, is sent back, via a web beacon, to the server each time your browser requests that site.

Freyenhagen Construction’s website uses cookie technology. The information within the cookie might be about you, your preferences or your device, but mostly, cookies are used to make the site work as you would expect.

We generally employ four types of cookies:

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are necessary for the website to function and are always active. They help maintain the security and efficiency of the site.
  • Performance Cookies: These cookies allow us to count visits and traffic to our sites so we can improve the performance of the site. They may be set by us or by third party providers whose services we have added to our pages. All information these cookies collect is aggregate and anonymous until you engage our site.
  • Functional Cookies: These cookies allow our website to provide you with customized services or personalization and increase the quality of your online experience. These cookies may be set by us or a third party on our behalf. Any personally identifiable information collected and stored by these cookies is for our internal business purposes only.
  • Targeting Cookies: Third parties may use cookies to recognize your device and display relevant advertisements on other sites. Personally identifiable information collected and stored by these cookies used by one or more third parties for targeting marketing. Additionally, social media cookies may be used by a range of social media services if you share our content with your friends and networks. They can track your browser across other sites and building up a profile of your interests. This may impact the content and messages you see on other websites you visit. If you do not allow these cookies, you may not be able to use or see these sharing tools. Where legally required, your consent will be required before allowing advertising and social media cookies to be active.

Keep in mind that cookies:

  • Cannot be used to reveal your email address obtained from your hard drive or learn confidential or personal information about you that you have not already explicitly revealed.
  • Cannot read data off your hard drive or read cookie files created by other sites.
  • Are not executable programs and cannot damage your computer or files on your device.

How can you set or delete your computer’s cookies?

You can set your computer’s browser to opt-out of receiving and storing
cookies, however, doing so may limit or impair the functionality of our site.

You also can delete cookies stored on your computer’s browser. Clearing your browser’s cookies or toggling off cookies in the Cookie Settings link where such an option is available, are the only ways to change the Freyenhagen Construction cookie settings you may have previously elected or opted out of.

Do we use web beacons?

Web beacons (also known as web bugs, pixels and page tags) are the mechanism by which cookies, and their data, are transferred across the internet. In other words, web beacons and cookies work in conjunction with
each other to monitor the behavior of site visitors. Freyenhagen Construction uses web beacons on its website and in email communications for aggregate statistical purposes and marketing conversion tracking.

The only way to decline the use of web beacons as part of email delivery is to opt out of receiving emails from Freyenhagen Construction entirely.

How do we respond to “Do Not Track” signals?

Freyenhagen Construction does not respond to “Do Not Track” signals. On our website, notification is provided concerning cookies and tracking of information. For website users from California, where information may be disclosed to a third party who is not a service provider or contractor, consent is required prior to disclosing such information.

How do we secure the information we collect?

Freyenhagen Construction has implemented information security standards that include physical, technical and administrative safeguards. The technology we use to protect your personal information is reviewed and improvements are implemented as needed.
Authorized employees and representatives are permitted to access and use information about you for approved business purposes. All employees and representatives must complete all required training to ensure they understand and follow established policies and laws when using your information.
Your information may be accessible from service providers and contractors for the purpose of enabling them to provide the services we have contracted with them for. Our website service providers and contractors have an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the information they receive from us, except where disclosure is required by law.

Do we use encryption technology?

Several areas on Freyenhagen Construction’s website have been built to handle confidential information. These pages utilize Internet methods known as Secure Socket Layers (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS). With either SSL or TLS, pages are sent to you in an encrypted (scrambled) format and any information you submit to Freyenhagen Construction is also encrypted. Encryption is the transformation of data into a form unreadable by anyone who doesn’t have the appropriate decryption key. This method of transferring confidential data is considered the industry standard for the Internet.

For added security, close your browser after interacting with Freyenhagen Construction’s website. This ensures that open sessions are terminated. While you are on the Internet, your browser is using part of your computer’s memory. If your browser is left open, it may be possible for someone using your computer to go back and use this memory to access your information. By closing your browser this action will clear this memory. Another action to consider would be to clear your browser’s temporary files and history.

For your security, we highly recommend maintaining an updated browser version that supports SSL or TLS. Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari are four browsers that support these encryption techniques. A solid lock graphic will display when the SSLor TLS mode is engaged to reflect the connection is encrypted. If you are not sure if your browser is compatible, check with your service provider.

Freyenhagen Construction has taken steps to make all information you provide to us as secure as possible against unauthorized access and use, alteration and/or loss. You should keep in mind that no data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure and any information disclosed online can potentially be intercepted and used by unauthorized parties.

What about links to other websites from Freyenhagen Construction’s site?

Freyenhagen Construction’s website may contain links to several other external sites. We cannot guarantee the safety and privacy of the information you provide to these linked sites. Any data or personal information collected by sites other than Freyenhagen Construction are not covered by this Privacy Policy.

Data processing

By using our website and/or submitting your personal information to us you agree to the transfer, storage and processing of your information in the United States.

Questions or comments

If you have questions or comments regarding our Privacy Policy, send a message using our online form, email us at, call us at 406-652-6170, or you may send a written request to:

Freyenhagen Construction INC
PO Box 20620
Billings, MT 59104

Notice of any material change to our Privacy Policy is given on our home page.
This Privacy Policy is effective as of June 1, 2024 and is current as of June 10th, 2024.