Make Your Basement Your Favorite Room in the House

Years ago, many homes were constructed over cellars: dark, dank, unlivable places where coal was stored. Over the last 50 years, the cellars of old have become expanded living spaces we call basements.

Basements are a common type of foundation in areas with colder climates like ours. In fact, the majority of new single-family homes in our area are built with a basement. Too often, however, they still get a bad rap as storage spaces for seasonal “stuff” and a place you’d never allow your guests to see.

One of the things that I’m seeing more and more, however, is that homeowners are starting to see that basements offer a wealth of extra living space. I’m glad to see it, because the basement isn’t just just a place to do laundry or change the furnace filter anymore. It’s valuable real estate, and with the right designer and professional contractor, it can become one of your favorite places.

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