Working within the remodeling industry requires Freyenhagen Construction to be able to see past what is and to what can be. We know how to envision an open floor plan even while standing in a house full of tiny, closed-off rooms—or see sunlight streaming in windows that don’t yet exist. 

For many homeowners,  it’s hard get a picture in their mind of how to take the house they have and turn it into the house they want. Many have lived with cabinets they hate, spaces that are cramped and a layout that doesn’t work well for so long that it’s hard to think of their home being anything but what it is. 

That’s why it’s so important to work with a remodeling contractor who can help you through the process by literally giving you the ability to see their your space before a wall, floor or ceiling is ever touched. 


With 25 years in the industry, Freyenhagen Construction takes a team approach to this process based on the best practices in our industry. Every space is inspected, photographed, meticulously measured and graphed out, and our client’s wishes and preferences detailed. After a short time—and with the help of some admittedly-cool technology—comes every homeowner’s favorite experience: the reveal.

If you’ve ever imagined having that “Fixer Upper” moment where you get to see your dated kitchen transformed into a modern masterpiece, know that it really is just as amazing as you think. There your new space is in all of its 3-D glory, the rich plank floors, shining countertops and amazing cabinets everything you’ve been dreaming about. You can see precisely what it will be like to walk through your beautifully organized kitchen,  or your walk thru your master suite into your spa-inspired bath, or how that new addition will blend seamlessly into your existing space.




One of the new technologies being used by remodeling contractors and designers is 360˚ viewing right on your phone. With a click of a button, you receive the image of the proposed design, walk into the not-yet-renovated space and see exactly how the arched doorway or gorgeous new island will look once the renovation is complete.  

This kind of design experience is something every homeowner enjoys, and it’s incredibly helpful to the overall renovation process. You see how finishes will look and be able to make changes while still in the “digital” stage. This reduces sometimes-costly change orders and keeps projects moving forward. In our showroom we have samples of the cabinetry, hardware, and countertops that are included in your design. This allows you to instantly see (and touch) exactly what will be in your new space.

If you’re having trouble envisioning how to make your house your ideal home, contact us today. You deserve an experience that’s designed to impress from start to finish.