More Homeowners Choosing to Remodel Instead of Selling

Steel Kitchen Remodel

Earlier this fall we had the chance to sit down with the team from Yellowstone Valley Woman to discuss a topic that, unsurprisingly, is near and dear to our hearts: remodeling.  As Julie Koerber shares in the resulting article, more Americans are choosing to stay in their homes rather than putting them on the market.  This is certainly true in the Billings community, where our own experience indicates that many Billings homeowners are opting to remodel their homes to meet their changing needs.

So why are people remodeling? According to information from the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, which is also published in the YVW article, reasons include:

  1. Baby Boomers are choosing to remodel instead of incurring the expense of moving
  2. Strong desire to open up floor plans to make the home more accessible with larger rooms and wider hallways
  3. Update appliances and a home’s energy efficiency
  4. Homeowners have come to love their home and neighborhoods
  5. Increase home’s value with updated appearance
  6. Home Improvement loans are at all-time low rates

What we’re seeing a lot of here in Billings are kitchen remodels and basement remodels–areas where families are spending a lot of time.  In the decades-old homes in many desirable Billings neighborhoods with tree-lined streets and a more “established” feel, these two rooms were generally not considered gathering places for guests. As such, their size and design was treated as somewhat less important. Today, however, these are the very types of spaces that people want to utilize more, so we’re creating more open concept floor plans, finding new ways to create storage and completing the kinds of remodels that provide spaces where homeowners will entertain guests or just spend evenings at home with family.

To learn more about remodeling trends and  why Bruce and Terry Steel chose to work with Freyenhagen Construction on their home remodel, read the Yellowstone Valley Woman article here.  For more information about how we can help you with your Billings home remodeling project, contact us today.