Remodeling ROI

cvv-logoHave you ever wondered what kinds of remodels provide the largest returns? Or whether it makes sense to replace that siding before putting your home on the market? Each year, Remodeling Magazine compiles data on remodels across the country to determine the rate of return for various types of popular remodeling projects. You may be surprised to see that certain projects don’t have quite as high of an ROI as you expected, and others may be higher than you would have guessed.

If you are wrestling with the decision of whether to replace the front door or not this spring, go right ahead. After all, you’ll make nearly 90% of your money back when you decide to sell your home. If ROI is a major concern, you may want to hold of on the sun room addition. But remember, it’s your home and you need to be happy living in it regardless of whether you stand to make the cost of your remodel back or not. View the entire article here.