Now is a Great Time to Remodel

floor-333165_640The Billings Gazette recently published an article discussing the benefits of purchasing a home in the current market. A “buyers’ market” featuring a surplus of homes available for sale and historically low interest rates were both touted as reasons to go out and buy right now. For first-time home buyers, there may not be a better time to get into a home than now.

However, what if you have a home to sell?

All the very reasons that make it a great time to buy, can also make it a very difficult time to sell. So, why not put your money into your current home instead? Let’s face it, moving is a pain and chances are unless you build your new home from the ground up, there will still be something you want to change about it anyway. An addition to your current home or even just a reconfiguration of the layout will not only update the look and feel of your space, it will completely change the way you live in your home!

So, before you start house hunting, think about the features in your current home that you would like to change.  A remodel could be the solution.